A portrait taken today, is a lifetime of yesterdays, preserved for all of our tomorrows....
We shouldn't take that lightly, nor should we hire just anyone to be an integral part of preserving our legacy.
We need to commission an artist to create a Portrait Study, just as the greats have done in times long past, but never forgotten. 
Whether your needs include a classically posed Portrait looking directly at the viewer, or something more fashion-forward and conceptual, or even a candid photo-journalistic approach, with Rebekka's artistic expertise and vision, together you will create a timeless piece of art to be passed down from generation to generation.

It's time to commission a true artist, someone that takes the time and affinity; a creator that knows just how to give you a unique piece of art that you can be proud of! Challenge yourself, and your Artist, to create something beyond the typical Pinterest board that's trending right now. Your Portraits should be inspired by who you are, not the tides of the current times. Rebekka takes the time to realize that dream in who you are.
All Clients receive a one-of-a-kind experience; constant expert side-by-side consultations, seen through to the installation of your artwork by the Artist's own hands. Additionally, personal shopping, destination travel, high end post processing, beauty touch ups and the secure confidentiality in knowing that your Portraits aren't being splashed all over the internet on my blog, are always included in The Ultimate Artist's Experience. And that's just the beginning! The tips and endless style consultations are as unique as you are, as unique as Rebekka's experience is.
Rebekka can guarantee that you'll be thrilled with your personal experience, because she is just as passionate about this monumental experience as you are! She pours her heart into every Portrait she creates and it is sacred in this time. If you don't love your Portraits, which has yet to happen in all these years, Rebekka will gladly resolve any issues or refund your creation fee completely. Satisfaction in your experience is of the highest priority, that's why Rebekka goes beyond the call of duty to make certain that your expectations are exceeded.

To reinforce your final expectations, your untouchable Artwork is made tangible with a completed work of art, from fine art materials, which is archival for over 100 years! Rebekka produces the finest Archival Portraiture that will stand the test of time. Offerings include: Oil Paintings, Heirloom Albums, Coffee Table Books, Mounted Canvas, Metal and Acrylic mediums. All offerings are a la carte.

There are no gimmicks or hidden fees in the Rebekka Payne Portrait Artist Experience. There is an initial creation fee to reserve your session date if you so choose to commission Rebekka. From there, Rebekka works directly with you, in any capacity needed, to achieve your optimal Generational Portrait.
What are you waiting for? Use the Contact page to connect with Rebekka now! Her guarantee ensures your investment.

Rebekka is located in San Antonio, Texas. Destination Portraits, at the location of your choice, need to be reserved one year in advance.
"We don’t regret the things we've done, we regret the things we didn't do when we had the chance."