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Why I Believe in Prints

May 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I didn't grow up in the digital world, my foundation is based in film, so I'm lucky that I have a lot of photographic prints of my family. My first experiences with photographs did not include computers, in fact, computers weren't even in existence yet. Some children, these days, don't have any prints of themselves. In this digital world, getting Portraits on a CD has become the norm. But how often do those images ever get printed, to be touched and felt, in the palm of your hands?

Both my Father and Grandfather took photos of me when I was a baby through my childhood. I have many beautiful images in albums that I can study now that solidify who I am as a person. I don't remember those days, but I clearly see myself in those images and I know that's me. I still carry the same mannerisms. I still sit and stand the same way, I still smile the same way. I cannot put a price on those Portraits. One day, I will give them to my son, for him to share with his children.

My father took those Portraits, just as many times as my grandfather did, both with different eyes. They had different vision, truth, and understanding of their subject... little ol' me! I see things in myself I may have never known had they not created their art in those moments. Our home, sentimental items and generational items can all be found in those images. We can laugh about the rocking chair my mom grew up with, that each of us cherished at one time or another, that can be found throughout all the albums, including images of my son sitting in it as well. These Portraits are worth more than gold to me.

When I was thirteen years old, my dad passed away abruptly. In the blink of an eye, all we had left of him was our Portraits. After all these years, we still fondly look upon his face in the photographs that were taken of him throughout his life. His legacy and stories, and who he was, are still preserved for us in some way. I can still tell my son about the grandpa he never got to meet.

In my young adulthood, I found myself more comfortable holding my camera everywhere I went, so unaware of the passion that was growing inside of me. Fully aware of how quickly life moves, I knew I needed to document the smiles of those that I love and cherish so no moment would be lost. My love for art grew as quick as my creativity to create my own art. 

One of the greatest lessons of life is understanding that those we love never really get to stick around for the whole journey. Lessons cannot be learned in comfort. People go, love is lost and life just happens to all of us, but nothing can take away those intimate memories of those we love.

Please document the important moments in your own life! Can you really put a price on freezing the lines and eyes of someone you love so much? I would work everyday, for a lifetime, to preserve the innocence of my son.

Printing these Portraits, and preserving them, allow your legacy to live on. Ask Rebekka how you can preserve your relationships today!


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